My Chef’s Knife – 8″ Shun Premier

If you are anything like me, when it comes to kitchen products, you want quality products that will enhance your cooking experience. After multiple visits to my local kitchen supply stores and demoing knife after knife from German to Japanese and all of the random options in between – I landed on the Shun 8″ Premier Chef’s Knife. Once you get in to this level of knife, everyone has their own opinion on which brand and series is best and the only way to choose is to demo them all and see which one feels best in your hand.

The knife is light yet feels 100% under your control while cutting anything I’ve thrown at it thus far from dense potatoes to ripe tomatoes. The blade is fairly thin compared to most traditional knives so be mindful of what you’re pushing the blade through so you don’t damage it. The walnut PakkaWood handle feels substantial in your hand but not oversized by any means – plus it’s gorgeous! The seamless transition from the wood to steel make it super comfortable to hold and use. I adore the detail on this knife all the way down to the inlayed gold ring near the back of the handle. Using this knife while you have guests is sure to bring in some compliments thanks to the tsuchime finish combined with the hammered finish and layered damascus blade – it really is stunning!

Shun also provides lifetime sharpening! Of course that’s if you can manage to be without it for a few days 😉

Ready to join the Shun family? Go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

Buy on Amazon: Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife; Lightweight, Agile, Extremely Comfortable Grip, Perfect for Slicing, Dicing and Chopping a Full Range of Foods, Beautiful and Versatile, Handcrafted in Japan

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