Four Kitchen Tools I ❤️

2. Oil Dispenser

Okay, so why do you need to transfer your olive oil from the original container to another? Control! This is without a doubt a tool I use every day and can dispense any oil, my go to happens to be olive oil (which I plan to share my favorite brands of soon 😉). In the kitchen, especially on weeknights, I’m all about quick and easy. The oil dispenser I use allows me to turn it 180º, upside down, and pour a stream of oil wayyyy more controlled than any bottle I’ve ever purchased from the store. You don’t have to worry about slowly pouring until you reach the oil level or covering half of the outlet to control the stream only to get a well oiled thumb – just flip your dispenser and drizzle! Plus, you’ll look extra chef-y and impress your hot date!

I recommend this dispenser – it has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.

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