Four Kitchen Tools I ❤️

3. Bowls

I will totally admit I am a bit obsessed with bowls – of all sizes and finishes. If you like to keep a neat and clean space while cooking, you too may be a bowl addict. It is so pleasing and so much less stressful to prep all of your measured ingredients into their own bowls so you can easily assemble and cook your meal. I also prefer to keep my salts in small pinch bowls so I can easily pinch the amount needed and sprinkle it evenly over a dish opposed to using a salt mill and all of the salt landing in one spot.

If you like fun and colorful, check out these gorgeous bowls 😍. They are perfectly medium sized!

If you prefer a more minimal design, these are sure to get the job done and let the contents shine.

I also love these – I told you, I’m obsessed..

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