Four Kitchen Tools I ❤️

4. Nonstick Pan

When it comes to cookware, I find myself using a nonstick pan for at least 2/3 of the dishes I make. It heats up quickly and is perfect for getting a crispy skin on meats and quickly sautéing veggies. After researching and looking at many options in stores, I went with the 12″ T-fal pan. This one has the red circle in the middle you’ve probably noticed in a few of my posts. The red circle actually has a purpose where the two toned circle becomes one red color once the pan is pre-heated and ready to cook. A pretty neat touch, especially if you aren’t super comfortable with pan temperatures or your cooktop.

T-fal also claims this pan is dishwasher safe but I haven’t tested this out yet, it’s a really easy clean up – especially being non stick so I use the old fashioned sponge & detergent method. The handle is long enough to keep your hand comfortably away from the flame or cooking surface and features a comfortable silicone wrap. This is also an oven safe pan which is pretty rare to find in the nonstick world and they claim you can safely use metal utensils! This pan really combines all of the best features in my opinion – 12″ size, oven safe, metal utensil safe, dishwasher safe & a comfortable silicone handle. Here is the link to join the T-fal fam with me : )

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